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Into the Sunset, St. Pete (thumbnail) Fall Light, South Mountain, PA (thumbnail) Glory! Twin Lakes, CO (thumbnail) On the Road, San Francisco (thumbnail) Floating Color, Red Cliff, CO (thumbnail) Recycled, Factors Walk, Savannah (thumbnail) Coldbrook Farm, Chambersburg, PA (thumbnail) Snow Squall, Piney Lake, CO (thumbnail) Evening, Hauser Winery, PA (thumbnail) Ridge Road, Michaux State Forrest, PA (thumbnail) Evening Blues (thumbnail) Evening Storm, Savannah Marsh (thumbnail) Winter Retreat, Maranatha (thumbnail) New Day, Tybee (thumbnail) Aspens, Steamboat Springs (thumbnail) Pink House, Charleston SC (thumbnail) No Doubt, Charleston Window (thumbnail) Hank's Seafood, Charleston (thumbnail) Lynnie (thumbnail) Indian Creek, Winter (thumbnail) Syd (thumbnail) Red Collar (thumbnail) Jillian's Cat (thumbnail) Ethan and Andy (thumbnail) Amber (thumbnail) Doofus (thumbnail) Red door, New Orleans (thumbnail) Autumn Glow, Savannh Marshes (thumbnail) Savannah Marsh, High Tide (thumbnail) October Marsh, Savannah (thumbnail) Summer Evening, Savannah Marshes (thumbnail) Retreat, Lakeside (thumbnail) The Porch (thumbnail) Morning in the Garden (thumbnail) Late Afternoon, Savannah (thumbnail) Colorado Blue River (thumbnail) Fish Creek, Steamboat Springs (thumbnail) Pirate's Alley, Charleston (thumbnail) October Afternoon, Colorado (thumbnail) Taste of Summer (thumbnail) Colorado Sunset (thumbnail) Twin Lakes, Colorado (thumbnail) Cottonwoods Along the Colorado River (thumbnail) Little French Teapot (thumbnail) Limestone Bay Trading Co., Mooresville (thumbnail) Hope Garden, Huntsville Botanical Garden (thumbnail) Water Lilies, Huntsville Botanical Garden (thumbnail) Little French Teapot 2 (thumbnail) Dinosaur Roar, Huntsville Botanical Garden (thumbnail) Living Water, Camp Hale (thumbnail) Blue River, Colorado (thumbnail) October Honeymoon, Savannah (thumbnail) Enjoy the Show, Savannah Marshes (thumbnail) Charlotte and Dennis, Bistro 71, July 2009 (thumbnail) Franklin County Peaches (thumbnail) Low Country Evening, Lazaretto Creek, Savannah (thumbnail) Living Water II, Camp hale, CO (thumbnail) Resting (thumbnail) Tybee (thumbnail) November Dawn, Tybee (thumbnail) Summer Morning, Falling Spring (thumbnail) Factor's Walk, Savannah (thumbnail) Lea and Wesley (thumbnail) Spring Beauty, Huntsville Botanical Garden (thumbnail) Biltmore Beauties (thumbnail) Praise for the Morning, Betty Ford Garden, Vail (thumbnail) Fall Afternoon, South Mountain (thumbnail) Shadows, Charleston (thumbnail) Evening Peace, Savannah Marshes (thumbnail) Quiet Waters, Glenwood Canyon (thumbnail) Tybee Marshes, Evening Glow (thumbnail) Late Afternoon Along Hwy 1, CA (thumbnail)
Dinosaur Roar, Huntsville Botanical Garden (large view)
Dinosaur Roar, Huntsville Botanical Garden
soft pastel on Sennelier l'carte
17" H x 11" W